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Auto Biography

Officially established in March of 2018, H3H (Hungry Hustle Humble) was founded long before that by the original 8 members as a way for a group of young African American men to potentially start a company by learning something together. While learning the ins-and-outs of entrepreneurship, this opportunity presented a way to learn to make income in the most rewarding way - with friends. After all, doesn't everybody want to become successful without having to leave their friends behind? The idea originally came from our designer, who first noticed our knack for "living in the time", enjoying the present no matter what happened yesterday or what is going to happen tomorrow. A couple designs later, and we had a brand on the on the way. Figuring out the business sides of things was more exhausting than we ever imagined. All of the forms and registrations almost stopped us at the front door. We were able to find strength in the number of people that we had, and were able to lean on each other through the good and bad experiences. We started doing all kinds of vending events, fashion shows, threw our own events, and received support from our families and friends. We even had our own office space. The stress and work that we had to go through have connected us forever, but it also forced everyone to look at each other... and themselves, and ask ourselves if our personal goals aligned with that of the business. Some of us realized that they needed to work on themselves before they could be fully invested in their own company, some of us had discovered that they could chase other dreams from the groundwork that we established, and some of us...are still here. We win some, we lose some, but the show must go on. Everyone is fighting to show how different we are, but we're not. There's not much difference between us. AND THATS THE POINT. There's not much difference between us and other small businesses. There's also not much difference between us and bigger businesses. The only difference is: How we affect the customer.
So we are challenging everyone to show the world how loud their voice is. You can help make us the next big thing. Not because we're different, but because you feel us. Don't just buy our clothes. Buy them . Then take the challenge. Live in the time.

We're not just a brand, we're life.
Take the challenge.
Every Littking needs a Littqueen